Who is Commandment Intelligence?

We solve computerized decision, or artificial intelligence, problems

CI is an IT company focusing on reducing computational complexity issues through proven mathematical equations and algorithms.  We currently expect to remain a research and development company expanding mathematical logic and working with corporate partners and third-party entities to implement our discoveries.

We are in the business of pioneering the use of artificial intelligence for modern business applications. As a consequence of our discoveries, we are now able to significantly reduce the cost and difficulty of implementing artificial intelligence. We are eliminating barriers to market entry for users of these tools.  We are advancing the ability to categorize, recall, and build upon available computational intelligence.  We implement proven mathematical approaches to structure and broaden the scope of artificial intelligence applications.  Our purpose is to develop, with our business partners, artificial intelligence applications to advance the sciences, the capabilities of modern businesses, and the usefulness of modern software. Furthermore, we aim to assist our business partners in overcoming the computational complexities that currently hinder their developments.     

We build enterprise web applications

We are also a software development firm and currently develop high-performance, highly-available cloud-based web and software applications using Umbraco CMS. We specialize in, but are not exclusive to, scientific and technical applications and business needs. We are capable of working in highly complex and high-security environments to meet your needs.