What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is a web-based content management system designed to provide a user-friendly interface for employees and customers to interact with your organization.  Umbraco can be used to create a website for an entire entity or a single program, mobile application, or even a kiosk interface.  Thanks to superior design, accessing Umbraco-run applications is a seamless experience regardless if you are using a PC, laptop, Android, or iPhone.  Umbraco is capable of running rich media such as e-learning materials and video presentations.  Content on Umbraco can be quickly set to multiple, spoken languages with ease.  Umbraco successfully runs applications for different organizations ranging from small businesses to large corporations such as Microsoft, Heinz, WIRED, SCANDISK and others. 


Umbraco is Open Source

What is Open Source?

The concept of open source is an increasingly popular concept in the information technology industry.  When a product is open sourced, the company opens up the source code, or the actual computer code that comprises the application, without charging a fee.  Further, those who download this code can modify it for their own purposes and profit, depending upon the license agreement pertaining to that code.  This would be comparable to Coca-Cola posting their fabled recipe on their website for Pepsi and others to download and use.  Some may think that this is an insane business move, but it works well in the computer world.  For example, Microsoft just made their computer code development platform, Visual Studio, open source instead of continuing to charge up to US$10 thousand per subscription.  Regardless of whether you are a PC fan or an Apple fan (or prefer to work as little with computers as possible), you can see that there is something about open source if a large and successful IT company like Microsoft decides to do it.

Open Source Can Save You Time and Money

In addition sparing you the cost of paying to download what otherwise could be an expensive software package open source has at least two other major benefits. 

  1. What You See Is What You Get. Open source code allows your developers to know exactly what they are getting.  IT professionals are extremely intelligent in their craft. By letting them see the source code, they can quickly understand the function of the program and get to work instead of wasting time for days or weeks of trying to learn the program by clicking on a mouse and reading an instruction manual.
  2. You have Additional Programmers Working for Free. One of the beauties of the information technology industry is the collaborative nature of its employees.  There are online communities of developers who openly discuss IT concepts and problems, share their work, and even submit solutions to program problems to the original developers for free.  This means, that if you find a problem with an open source program, someone else has to and a solution may have already been created.

We have made a careful study of available web development platforms and have worked with Umbraco for large projects.  We find the Umbraco staff intelligent and supportive and their software exemplary.