Make Data-Driven Decisions

At Commandment Intelligence we utilize the Umbraco platform to provide an interactive and personalized interface with your company’s important data.  We use Motorcycle as the engine to record, categorize, and recall the information as requested.  

What's the advantage to extending a company database with Motorcycle?

A well-designed database can provide the user with a reliable structure for organizing and storing information.  While that is certainly commendable and we implement such databases in our work, Motorcycle takes databases a step further

How does Motorcycle take databases a step further?

Motorcycle is an automated constraint-satisfaction engine designed to give deterministic, or conclusive, statements in response to data inquiries.  That is, when the user inquires whether a new venture is financially possible, or which employee is the best candidate for an open, internal position, Motorcycle will review the available information stored in your database and return a specific response such as “yes”, “no”, or the best candidate’s name.  No probabilities, no approximates, no error margins, just fact based on the stored data.

How does Motorcycle do that?

Motorcycle's underlying infrastructure is built upon the same foundation used by automated theorem provers. We take your constraints, or the parameters you are trying to optimize for, and Motorcycle will determine the best possible outcome. It will also tell you if it is not possible to satisfy all of your constraints! As a consequence, Motorcycle will help you identify what changes you would need to make to your business logic to improve the outcomes you are seeking.