Digitize your business the right way

Creating a program evaluation can be a difficult and costly process.  The creation of the evaluation alone can represent a large portion of the costs.  You need to know what to evaluate, where to get the information,…

Our software and services can save you both time and money during program evaluations.  In addition to helping you create the test items, including those tricky qualitative ones, our software can generate the test forms, compute the data, and succinctly report the findings.

Program evaluation is the process of analyzing a business program against certain constraints.  Is the program generating a profit?  Are the customers happy with their service?  Is the program running efficiently?

The beauty of partnering with Commandment Intelligence is we combine the process of creating a sound program evaluation with reusability of software.  We create the foundation for a program evaluation, help you plug in the questions that you want answered, and then store the results.  Because the platform and process is already set, the next time you wish to evaluate your program you could simply refresh a previous one for updated data or create new questions, hit submit, and retrieve the information.

Our software Using Umbraco and Motorcycle to manage your business information needs, program evaluations become simplified and more cost effective.

  • Record data
  • Construct inquiries
  • Configure desired report format
  • Run evaluation

By using our software to record vital business information, the process of program performance evaluations is simplified.  All of the information is recorded and the process of retrieving it is comparable to entering a search on Google. 

  • Quantitative and qualitative data measurement tool creation

o   Financials

o   Customer satisfaction

o   Implementation efforts

  • Data gathering, storage, and analyses via configurable auditing and reporting